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Come to work with us (remotely)!

We are a young venture funded startup located in Barcelona developing an application with millions of registered users, these are some of our stats:

  • More than 1 million registered users
  • ~200K DAU (Daily active users)
  • ~350K MAU (Monthly active users)
  • Peaks of 35K concurrent users

We have one quite successful application and we are developing new ones all around the Fantasy games genre.

The team

We are currently a very small team (~7 people) and 3 of us are developers. We are looking at least for 3/4 more devs to join us!

The company organization is flat and transparent, there is no "top to bottom" management that will tell you what to do without you understanding why.

We all work from the place we like the most and nobody, not even the executive team meet on a daily basis.

We do have an office in Barcelona and everybody is welcome there anytime if that is what you prefer.

Working remotely

We are currently transitioning from being a located team in Barcelona into an "all-remote" company, so to be honest there are still a bunch of things we need to figure out. This is what we've got so far, although this might change the moment our team spans across timezones.

  • We work as asynchronously as possible (less calls, more email)
  • We are improving a lot the definition of our user stories (so we can work more autonomously)
  • We are improving a lot the development environment
  • We still do scrum, so there are a few meetings that are mandatory to attend
  • Good microphone and webcam are a must
  • We now write more documentation (about tech and about how the company works)

Let's talk some tech!

Mister started with the typical PHP/MySQL monolith, without using any framework whatsoever and it was able to scale up to many thousands of users with a single server. But now those times are long gone.

For the last year and a half we have been focused on pushing the technological stack further and after a lot of hard work this is what we currently have:

  • We are using the latest PHP version
  • Most of the code uses PHP best's practices
  • We use TDD for new code
  • We have a nice CI
  • We are close to having CD
  • We work and deploy using containers
  • We now use vuejs for the frontend (HTML/CSS is outsourced)
  • We now use DDD (for new apps) and event-sourcing when it makes sense
  • We now use Hexagonal architecture for any new code
  • We have tamed the legacy and created an upgrade path for it

Challenges ahead!

Our technical challenges are far from over, this is a list of things that we are about to do and that we hope you will be able to help us with:

Write new apps or "GameModes" from scratch

  • Tackle the complexities of our legacy moving the technological stack forward
  • Prepare the project for a x4 growth.
  • Scale the team
  • Improve the development speed of the team

What we are looking for

We are looking for backend developers that wouldn't mind a bit of frontend (HTML&CSS will be taken care for), the only requirements are:

  • Love to write code (we have lots to do!)
  • You consider yourself senior in any C style language (PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Perl, Javascript).
  • Willing to catch up with PHP as fast as possible (we can help, pay for courses, etc)
  • You know your way around a unix terminal
  • Fluent in English

Useful skills to have

  • PHP (Doctrine, symfony, etc)
  • MySQL
  • CI
  • CD
  • Containers (Docker, K8s)
  • AWS


It depends on your location, if you were based in Barcelona it would be from 35K to 50K, we'll adapt that to the place of residence.

Link to our current app:


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